Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Win karo cash karo aish karo

Hellooooooooo lovelies,

How is it all going with the festival time?
I am having fun and loads of sweets!

So here I am with a new different post win karo cash karo aish karo, I came through this site, this contest is sponsored by them and this is my entry for the contest.

Ok so the question is what would I do if I win 10000 bucks?
First of all, I would dance, jump on my bed..ooh la la..haha.
why not? 10000 is a good amount and for me, winning anything is always being happy more than whatever the prize is!

So, after all the dance and excitement,I would start with the LOVE OF MY LIFE...FOOD..I would land up with some good SPICY food to celebrate with some amazing deals from have a watering mouth already.. :P
Then maybe, some charity work?...Yes, 3000 is a good amount to donate and do some charity, there is a nearby poor children's education school, I would donate the amount there, they deserve it for working so hard and to have the will to study, some candies for them, and that priceless smile on there faces is so much overwhelming.

Next comes the fun part, I would go by the title and do some AIYASHI out of the 6000 left and spend around 4000 on some online clothing I am eyeing since a while, some vellapanti on zara, mango and all my favorite brands around there because like it is said, "those who say money can't buy happiness, don't know where to shop!" and a bag for mom which already has a deal from

Meanwhile catch some HOT CHOCOLATE from starbucks..oooohhh.. :P :D

Rest, SAVING TIME (GREEDY GREEDY), haha...yes, I would save the rest and maybe it would add up to a bigger amount in some that I can again shop shop shop..such a shopaholic!

Please make my wish come true cashkaro and make me win and I'll go gagagaaa.. :P
Oh so I WISH!!!!!

How do you like my idea of spending and saving part part of it?

Love you all
Surabhi :)

Friday, 1 November 2013

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New outfit post will be up soon! :)

Till then
Loads of love and sweets as it is diwali time here in India!
Surabhi :)