Friday, 31 August 2012


Helllllllllloooooooooooo girls..I am so very excited about everything coming up next..I have like too much to show you people.
There are going to be a lot of outfit posts and with a lot of surprises too!

But as I have my exams from 6th-11th september..I will bring all up after exams :D

For now, I have the most exciting news..the giveaway winner!
I am so so sorry for the delay as it took too long to validate all the entries as it was my first giveaway, I 'll be fast will all the upcoming giveaways :D

All these goodies...won by



Those who did not win this..don't worry..there is so much to come and many many giveaways lined up for you people!

The winner should contact me in 72 hours with their address and details on or I'll choose other winner!

Until next time!
Surabhi :)

Sunday, 26 August 2012

dOne bY nOne

Hi I am back with a outfit post..yay! I am so excited about this site and my outfit post!

My FIRST EVER GIVEAWAY has come to an end. Thank you for all the lovely response you people gave me!
I declare the winner in my very next post!
Now, I want to introduce to something very amazing!

This is a online shopping/retail site called Done by None.
I drool over this site and love it's collection.

The best part is that they have free delivery irrespective of the value, size etc!
There delivery is too fast without any delivery problems and cash on delivery too!

Some of my favorite pics from the site:

I was keeping an eye on this oh so beautiful clutch since long and finally I got it. I ordered for this beautiful poison ivy clutch from this site and here is my take on it!

Below is my most favorite accessory I've ever came across! I just so so so love it!

I wore it 2 times..the second was with yellow mellow :P..Which color do you prefer?

clutch- Done by None
blue jeans- thrifted
shoes- edc by esprit
tshirt- penny lane
ring- accessorize

Did you like the post? Do check on Done by None

Surabhi :)

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

AzTec neCklace- Aztec 1

Hiiiiiiiiiiiieeee is everybody?
I am feeling so fresh and good today!

Also, I am loving the response on my FIRST EVER GIVEAWAY! Join here.

I am adding goodies every 15 followers..Just 2 days left everybody!

well..I have this super DIY post for you guys. This is the necklace which I got really got bored with. I got it from Goa flee market. There you really get these kinda good stuff!

Now coming to DIY, I was in a thought as to what I should do to it. Thinking about all the prints this season. I thought leopard wouldn't go on it, then tie die but thought I'll end up in a mess maybe as this was the first time I was going to DIY a necklace.

Then came the superb idea of an aztec or an abstract print and here I am :D

So, firstly all you need is:

1. Any pale, random necklace, you easily get it in a flea market or to be more precise in the corner of your wardrobe. There are always this kind of stuff lying unused in your wardrobe.

2. A nail paint pen or a any kind of paint you have. You can choose any color. I have chosen black.
( I have added these in 2 colors in my giveaway too! Those can be yours if you join :P)

see below!

 2nd step: Take one piece at a time and start with any kind of print you want. I chose stripes as it is easy and looks good.

3rd step: One by one, take pieces and color them with abtract shapes.
To give a hep and classy look, I chose one piece to be block black!

4th step: As you move on, your hand is set and you can go for different prints now, and paint all of them with anything that comes to your mind. You'll result into this.

You can look for shapes and designs from my necklace.The last print is my favorite.

woah! You have turned your boring necklace into very in, the abstract aztec print in no time!

Did you like my DIY?

Do leave a review/comment if you like it.
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I have really nice posts coming up really soon! You'll soon know, why I named this post as Aztec 1.

Until then
Surabhi :)

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Coco Fashion

How is everybody?
I am enjoying the weather and blogging!

well..something new for now!

Here I bring up to you a fashionistas loving website called Coco Fashion.
It is an international online fashion retail shop registered in Hong Kong.

Some of the shop's features:

1. They ship WORLDWIDE and have NO minimum order for shipping.

2. There prices are really affordable.
3. They have a altogether different tab for DISCOUNTS and have really amazing discounts depending on
the amount of stuff you buy going all the time.

4. They have really easy to register and shopping 4steps and you're good to go!

5.There website can be used like your own online store. check here.
6.This website has shipping to over 300 countries worldwide.
7.. They offer various payment methods to make sure that making a payment will not be a barrier between there items and customers.

8. They have a separate tab for SALE as well!
9. They have a  wide range of products separated with various tabs and classification.

10. They have their own blog where they show cast new trends and outfits!

Now coming on the best part of their website and my post as well!
Here we go..

My favorite picks from the website:





Check their website and follow them for the latest updates and discounts and STAY STYLISH here!

So what are you waiting for? Just check their site and indulge into some serious and TRENDY fashion!

Don't forget to join my giveaway..Few days left..HURRY FASHIONISTAS!

Love you all!
Surabhi :)

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Still a teen

Hiiiiiiii girlies...I turned 19..YES!

This is a very late post..It was on 21st July. How are you all?

Also, my first ever giveaway is going well..a BIG BIG the giveaway is INTERNATIONAL..there was some problem initially, now solved...check it out here.

I have too much to show you peeople about my birthday but for this post I have will show you some and rest later.
I think I got too many gifts from my loved ones and I just all if them :D
I went for ice-skating on my birthday and before I could execute my further plans, I was damn tired. skating is new here so is a craze amongst people for now!

this is what I wore on my birthday and could't wear my birthday outfit because of ice-skating..but no worries...I have it as a outfit post..very soon!

tshirt- pantaloons
shorts- Germany
ballerinas- westside
watch- gift, you'll see in the below post

Here is a sneak into some of my gifts...I got many..I'll share the rest with you through my outfit posts etc..these for the time being:

I love these book body can understand more than a book am I.

This is my favorite watch I've ever came across.

I love the color, pastel blue..ooohh!

You'll see more pics of this bag in the further post!

This is my favorite perfume and mine was over..things in need are always loved as a gift!

I love the best part of the watch, I can change straps according to my ALDO!

how classy these ballerinas are..they go with almost everything!

I DROOL this, cosmetic mirror...wowieeeeeeee!

There are some more gifts, I'll share them soon..some personalized gifts too :P
this is what I wore in the later part of my b'day and celebrations.

shirt- ELLE
bag- gift
shoes- westside
shorts- Muah, Tana Bana
watch- gift

so how was the post?

Don't forget to participate in my giveaway..It's INTERNATIONAL and open for everybody!
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I have super outfit posts too..soon soon!

Surabhi :)