Tuesday, 24 July 2012

My first ever giveaway: 100 followers

Hey girls..
How are you?

I have turned 19...I am still a teenager and I love it! I like to be young..well everybody does but I love to be a kid!
I have a lovely post on my birthday too and a superb outfit post..It will come soon!

so finally, the giveaway is here. Thank you all. I have been planning this since so long and therefore I am so excited about it..oh yes!

I have chosen this really simple to enter rafflecopter form for you my cupcakes!

well..The best part now!

To start with, I have this amazing amazing ring from oasap. You heard it right, to start with because I am going to add a goodie every 15 followers. For eg: Right now, I have 125 followers and when i reach 140, I'll add a goodie, then 155 and so on.

So the more you share this giveaway, the more you can win..the more the merrier.



These are nail art pens..youcan use them as pens and the other side as nail paints as well!


I have reached 170 followers and here is the time to add another goodie to my lovely first ever giveaway!
Here we go girls...


Will add next freebie on 185!

P.S.: This is a non-sponsored giveaway. This giveaway is open INTERNATIONALLY.

All the entries will be validated before declaring the winner. So check once before you enter.
So what are you waiting for? JOIN everybody..I want everybody to join :D
For any other query, drop a mail at pep_surbhi@yahoo.co.in and I will solve your problem personally.

Much Love
Surabhi :)

Saturday, 14 July 2012

blue in white

Hey girls..

I bought some cute amazing stuff in this super sale, on items which were NOT on sale :P..haha..yaa.
I hate sale..yes!
I don't find good stuff in sale and the condition of clothes in sale is bad, so usually I end up buying things not on sale..is that the same with you?..I would definitely like to know that.
Did you shop something from sale?

well..this is my small shopping spree :D

when will I get over accessorize? god..they're damn amazing!
I just could not resist myself from buying this uber-cute butterfly necklace from accessorize.

I loved it so much that I took off the tag and wore it there itself!

This is a long shrug kinda thing from vero moda..oh it looks super hot and classy!

then then..forever new..
this was something love at first site and then the fit made me love it even more.

next I found this super cute-hot blouse and the print..lovely..I immediately picked it up and paired everything in my mind :P

I also bought some random stuff and some surprises for my honeybee..my BLOG!..you will see soon!

and this is what I wore: DON'T MISS MY SHOES :D
This is the reason I titled this post as blue in white..I always love to add some outfit to my any post. I hope you like it.

the last picture..ummm..this is the tired me..you can make out from my eyes.

tshirt- pantaloons
jeans- pret (GK Mblock)
shoes- westside (head over heels)
bag- accessorize
necklace- accessorize
hairband- Miss jo

and how can I forget food!
We had this yummy pocket and ice-tea and salad(not visible clearly :P) from top breads!

There is going to be a big big surprise as soon as I reach 120 followers here on my blog and 100 on my FACEBOOK page :) Share share girlies.

That's all for now!
Surabhi :)