Sunday, 24 June 2012

closet blend- leopard print

Hello girls..

well..their is going to be a big surprise very real soon..YES!

I have something interesting(very excited)..
You will find better pictures this time maybe.. :P..posing is so much fun!

are you wearing leopard prints this season?
some tips maybe..don't risk being the scary growling leopard..just following some simple rules..

1) pick your print and stick with it. Just one print and one piece. Leopard doesn't go with any other print or leopard either.

2) Start with accessories. This season, there's no shortage of amazing handbags, belts, pumps and bangles with just enough leopard print.

3) Keep it simple. Let your leopard print be your statement, and keep everything else simple and neutral. Pair your other apparel neutral as leopard print in itself is very bold.

4) Wear it with your LBD's and a pair of leopard print shoes to rock at some of those upcoming holiday happenings.

I will show you how to wear the same dress that too a leopard print, differently for all kind of outings!

Here is the first one..just wearing it as a dress with some subtle accessories!

dress- thrifted
shoes- catwalk

Here is the second way to wear the same dress:

This is more for evening parties maybe and gives you kinda classy look as I have paired with a green pant. I absolutely love this green color.
I have worn the dress like a top.

dress worn as top- thrifted
pants- promod
shoes- catwalk
watch- fiorelli

The last one is very casual and would look good for any occasion..I wore this on a shopping spree though..I love the color of these shorts..they are so summer-ish..ain't they?

dress worn as top- thrifted
shorts- kazo
bag- heels
shoes- westside
watch- fiorelli

I would classify them like this:

Did you like the post?
or maybe you have more ideas to wear this print?
fill me with any gossip.. :P

until then..
Love and kisses
Surabhi :)

Friday, 15 June 2012

summer style

Hello bloggers..writing a post..seems like after a decade..I am so enjoying it :D.
How is everybody?
I am good and have just 1 follower away from 100. My blog's half anniversary is nearby too..up for a giveaway?
For now I have a outfit post for you guys and I am so sorry for not visiting your blogs.

white..florals and colours were waiting so much for the wait is you go :

below is my favorite picture of the lot :D
which one is yours?

Now, this was when I was playing and editing this picture :P
You like it?

floral shirt- lifestyle
white shorts- United colors of Benetton
tan belt- thrifted
shoes- esprit
hat- gift(germany)

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Love and kisses
Surabhi :)