Friday, 27 April 2012


Hi is everybody doing?
great this side and waiting eagerly to touch 100 followers excited for the surprises then :D

well well well..we know about dresses, skirts, all the clothing in the world and what not and ACCESSORIES..we've fallen in love with them since the time we know them..ain't it?

I don't need to summarise about how accessories can change your simple outfit to the most outstanding one.
Here is sneak into my accessory wardrobe..yes yes.. start with..

Chunky necklaces and earings: These are hot to pair with racer back tops, have a look:

Jewellery: How can somebody stay away from silver jewellery..I love them and this is a small collection I own with my sister(she created the love for silver jewellery in my heart):

your take girls? Yay or Nay?

Hair accessories: They had to be a part of this post..some hairbands and clips:

Nail Paints: well..when you don't have any accessory to match with your outfit and then NAIL PAINTS is the answer to the question. Nails speak a lot..don't they?
small collection of nail paints:

Belts: Oh yes..I love them..Be it shirts, dresses, tunics, shorts or anything..They are awesome.
         Some broad and thin belts:

This is all for this post..though I have missed on the shoes and bags too..but they are surely due for the next post maybe :D
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So, as I always say
Love and Kisses

Sunday, 15 April 2012

spring willkommen colours

colours colours all going to be this spring.
from cute florals to the hot LeOpaRd pRiNt(you want to see an outfit post for these?? :P maybe I have something in store for you!)...from soothing pastels to neon vibrant colours..everything is gonna rock this season girls!

by the way willkommen means welcome in German!

How are you and your wardrobe and your awesomely awesome  blogs? I am going to hit 100 soon..**EXCITEMENT**
I am back after exams and have loads now..outfit posts..DIY(yes yes!!)..and surprises!

well well well..this post is dedicated to colours..oh yes! coloured pants have rocked..for me PINK this time <3

I think one should be simple with the rest of the outfit so that the colour of the pants/jeans stand out? they are a statement in themselves? ain't they?

This is a cute cute outfit post if you find it to be? :P

here I introduce to my owl printed bag..I love it..your take?
thank you accessorize!


Okay this is the very tired picture of eyes say everything? :P

where should I start from? hehe..okay
tee- forever 21
pink pant/jeans- GK market
sandals- tresmode
bag- accessorize

This is all for this post..I have a super duper exciting post to come..yes a DIY!
I hope it comes out good for you my girls.
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Love and kisses
Surabhi :D