Thursday, 9 February 2012

A trip to remember!

hey girlies..
I am going crazy!
Yaa, I am so so soooooo happy. There are 2 surprises!
1. I won this amazing amazing giveaway by amazing blogger kiran alias cherry lane! I will post pictures with the goodies once i receive it.

2.4yrs of togetherness with someone special <3 *blush blush*
we went for a long long drive and a bird sanctuary where unfortunately we couldn't find many birds to watch!
but the place was awesome and after that some food to die for at bercos(my favourite chinese restaurant!).

we had super super fun!
I  made something funky for him and lasagna(whooaa!), he like'd everything, also a white shirt! Also, he made a customized calendar for me( can you believe that?) and some more cute stuff.He says something is still left which i will get soon. I have all the pictures for you!

this is a door hanging status which i made myself using paper mache(made by using crushed paper and fevicol)

this is one of those cute ones he gave me :)

this is the calendar he made for me with my pictures for every month :D

pinks are just too cute but this time i want to make it hot!so this what i wore.
I love those fav!

jacket: muah, tana bana
dress: globus
leggings: vero moda
shoes: miss jo
necklace: thrifted

So did you like the outfit? the post?
i have a wedding to attend, what do you think should be my outfit, lehenga, saree, a anarkali suit?

until then
keep it stylish