Tuesday, 24 January 2012

my latest obsession: polka dots

hello beautiful girls..
do you love polka dots?

okay so admitting here..i have started loving polka dots which honestly i used to hate some time. I used to think it was a bit old fashioned or only for 60's, but not any more.
Also bags have gained a lot of attention from when it was supposed to be for only carrying things to the best accessory with your outfit.
so as a combination, i bought a bag with polka dots from my favourite accessory store, ACCESSORIZE!!
their is nothing what i dont like from that store.

isn't it cute? i love the golden lock it has, adds a kind of smartness to it and also the sling strap is detachable, so you dont need to stuff in the bag(which you do with most of the bags) if you need to hang it on your arm.

did you like the purchase? do tell me.

hugs and kisses

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

must have:the little black dress

hello dearies..
i dont know when and how it came to my mind to write this post about the little black dress. so read on..

You dont need to worry for a party or any place if you own that one little black dress..

some reasons as to why you should pick or own a little black dress:
1.the colour black never goes out of style and fashion.
2.black recedes, so it slims and make you look taller.
3.that little black dress can make you look cute, hottest ever and classy.
4.you can make a black dress look different every time you wear it by just pairing different accessories with it.
5.the dress can be paired with cardigans too, meaning their is no particular season or weather for that little black dress in your wardrobe.
6.most important of them all, when you dont know what to wear, that black dress will help u in any party, get together or shoppring spree.

Wear it to work with a jacket or wear it out in the evening with sparkly jewelry beacause you can dress it down or dress it up. If you dont have a little black dress or too, consider adding one to your wardrobe.

below are some pictures of me in a black dress..

1.paired with sequin bow belt and shoes(not visible).

black dress: globus
bow belt: forever new

2.lace is what i totally love..

dress: forever new
neacklace: accessorize

hope you like my post..!!
until then..
keep smiling..you never know who's falling in love with it.. :)


Thursday, 12 January 2012

wintry red!!

hello girls..

It is so chilling here in india..freaking cold..krrrr..krrr..and i am shiverring..

so this is a outfit post which i will try and do every sunday..can also be called as the outfit of the week..though these pictures are not recent as i cant even dare and wear this in this cold.

this is what i wore when i went to a deer park and a small lake.. :)
I love red as i think it is the colour of winters and also, red paired with anything looks nice


jeans-lee cooper
shoes-D & A

I am loving these winters. What about you?

Until then..
keep smiling..


The bow

Hello ladies..
Bow has been a addiction in the fashion world.We love it on everything as it makes everything uber cute.
So on this new year i decided to make a bow and it gave me good results. Therefore, i decided to do a DIY post on how to make a bow headband.

So lets start with the work..
This is all you need to make a headband with the bow.
A plain headband, scissors, fevicol or glue, cellotape(note that it is a double tape and transparent too),            
ribbon(fun colours).

1.Take one end of the ribbon
2.Place the double side tape on the end.
3.It will look like this.
4.Place that end at the inner side of the headband.

5.Wrap the whole ribbon around the headband like this.

At the end you will get this.. :)

Now the turn of the bow..
1.Take a small strip of a ribbon, any length according to the size of the bow you want.
2.fold it into exactly half and press on the side.
3.Open it again and you will get a strong line at the centre.
4.Apply glue at both the sides of the centre line.

5.Put both the sides at the centre.
6.You will get something like this.
7.Apply glue at the centre now and fold it together.


8.Now turn the bow and apply double tape at the centre.
9.Now again turn the bow.
10.Be very careful, this is a crucial step..Take one flip of the ribbon and put at the centre(look at the 
11.Do the same with the other flip also.
12.Both sides will automatically stick as you applied a double tape.

13.Now take a small strip of ribbon and apply double tape on it and wrap it at the centre.

Your bow is ready..!!
Apply double tape and paste it on the headband.You get this girls.

It can be used in so many ways as you want it to be.I have used it on a ballerina and  a cardigan too.

Hope you like my first DIY post.You can ask any queries regarding this post.. :)


Wednesday, 4 January 2012

style it bebe

hello girlies..

new year has started and my college is about to start too..life back on track with shopping, daily college and yummy food..haha..
whats new on your part?

here below are some pictures which would make a slight idea as to how i like to style myself and would appreciate your reviews on them(hope you like them).. ;)

this is a permanent tatoo i have on my corner back.

outfit details:
   coat-forever new
net stockings-thrifted
little black dress-globus(not visible)
ballerinas-esprit(not visible)
smile-my own :)

these cozy coats are so warm and stylish at the same time..wil surely turn heads..pair them with net, colourful stockings, boots, ballerinas and ur good to go.. :D

ballerinas-edc by esprit
pendant-forever 21

shirt dresses are so comfy yet so classy..add on some chunky jewellery, flats or heels(i prefer flats) and u would definately make a style statement being so simple..

That's it for this post..hope u like my post :-))
have a good day!!!


Monday, 2 January 2012

year starters

hello to all the beautiful bloggers
I am new to this blogging world..so help me n bare me..;)
A very happy new year to evrybdy(yayayy), everything is so special in the air,its raining, there are so many new memories to be created and most importantly...SALE AT MANGO..haha..

so hw was ur new yr party?

i wil tell you how was mine..

i made cakes, muffins, had a bonfire party in this chilling winter and made these caps and badges for everybody(very very easy and funky).. :P

this cap was mine which my sis made for me(according to her) :P

and this is what i wore, coloured jeans are so so in and they just brighten up your outfit too :)

sequin neck tunic-muah, tana bana
pink jenas-thrifted
black cardigan-bossini

now the best part, someone realy special bought me this super sexy bag from forever 21..m lovin it :D

That's it for now..hope u like my first post :-))
have a good day and smiling day!!!
surabhi.. :)