Thursday, 9 August 2012

Still a teen

Hiiiiiiii girlies...I turned 19..YES!

This is a very late post..It was on 21st July. How are you all?

Also, my first ever giveaway is going well..a BIG BIG the giveaway is INTERNATIONAL..there was some problem initially, now solved...check it out here.

I have too much to show you peeople about my birthday but for this post I have will show you some and rest later.
I think I got too many gifts from my loved ones and I just all if them :D
I went for ice-skating on my birthday and before I could execute my further plans, I was damn tired. skating is new here so is a craze amongst people for now!

this is what I wore on my birthday and could't wear my birthday outfit because of ice-skating..but no worries...I have it as a outfit post..very soon!

tshirt- pantaloons
shorts- Germany
ballerinas- westside
watch- gift, you'll see in the below post

Here is a sneak into some of my gifts...I got many..I'll share the rest with you through my outfit posts etc..these for the time being:

I love these book body can understand more than a book am I.

This is my favorite watch I've ever came across.

I love the color, pastel blue..ooohh!

You'll see more pics of this bag in the further post!

This is my favorite perfume and mine was over..things in need are always loved as a gift!

I love the best part of the watch, I can change straps according to my ALDO!

how classy these ballerinas are..they go with almost everything!

I DROOL this, cosmetic mirror...wowieeeeeeee!

There are some more gifts, I'll share them soon..some personalized gifts too :P
this is what I wore in the later part of my b'day and celebrations.

shirt- ELLE
bag- gift
shoes- westside
shorts- Muah, Tana Bana
watch- gift

so how was the post?

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I have super outfit posts too..soon soon!

Surabhi :)


  1. Sexyyyyyyy! ;) That is exactly like my blouse, mine is in green.. u knw :D
    N awwwwwww..cute belt..cute cute.. n awesome watch.. wow surabhi.. u got such a nice bf ;)

    Thank you for your wonderful comment :)

    Maybe you have time see my New post- Splash of Colors


  2. Happy Birthday in arrears! xoxo Demmy

  3. Happy belated birthday! you look gorgeous!

  4. Happy belated birthay :)

    Drrrroooool on the pink mirror, too :3

    xxx Lara

  5. Lovely gifts..must say u are a lucky girl!!

    and you look so pretty <3

  6. Happy belated birthday :)
    lookin pretty !!

    do enter the ongoing giveaway in ma blog:

  7. Belated happy birthday! Even i am a cancerian :)

  8. Belated Happy BDay Surbhi !! Love that Fossil watch and you look lovely :)


  9. Belated Happy Birthday! :)
    Awesome gifts :D

  10. Happy belated b'day dear....


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